Skylark announces a new partnership with leading Connected TV App experts, FX Digital

Skylark and FX OTT’s new partnership delivers a quick to launch solution that drastically reduces technical complexity and significantly lowers the barrier of entry to anyone looking to put a streaming product into market.

Skylark is the streaming platform solution that empowers businesses to build and scale world class video products, with ultimate flexibility.  It is a video-first solution, meaning that it was built specifically for video and not just for written content like most publishing tools. Developed by a team that's been creating innovative video streaming products for over 15 years, Skylark enables customers to differentiate themselves, develop and grow an engaging streaming service and create amazing user experiences.

FX OTT is a framework that allows apps to be built once and deployed everywhere through a single codebase architecture. Providing the ideal solution for clients looking to deploy their applications to a wide variety of Connected TV devices. FX OTT is compatible with Smart TVs, games consoles, streaming devices, and Set Top Boxes (STBs).

This Skylark and FX partnership provides a solution that enables absolute flexibility, scalability and a quick to market out-of-the-box user experience.

Skylark CEO Thomas Williams said:

“We are dedicated to connecting with only the best in breed solutions to develop an all encompassing ecosystem that can offer our customers a truly end to end solution that meets all of their building and scaling needs”.

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