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you’re in control

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Get your product team working on features that will set you apart. Let Skylark handle the complexities of video.

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One single API call

When speed is vital, create slim responses to suit mobile and connected devices. Skylark’s API framework lets you filter objects and fields to reduce the payload. You can also expand it to allow for fewer sequential API calls on low-power devices.

Be who people want to work with

Develop one-off features and frictionless integrations with partners. Craft unique, engaging product experiences together. This open API boosts revenue and helps you scale your organisation.

Use your favourite tech

Integrate the data and services you want, regardless of technology. Work with your first choice of partners. Integrate everyone with Skylark in the way that’s best for your business. You’re in total control.

Keep developing your products

Move fast on your first product without worrying about making changes further down the line. This API was built with reusability in mind, creating an infrastructure that's designed for change.

Put your business logic first

With Skylark’s API, your teams can focus on the business logic instead of worrying about backend technologies. This cuts down development time considerably without compromising your vision.